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Thursday, February 07, 2008

More Guns Than Roses

G-Unit (featuring DJ Whoo Kid): "Bottom Girl" [from the Return of the Bodysnatchers, Vol. 1 mixtape]

How to rob banks (not to be confused with Lloyd)

Though to some he's just a Neptunes impersonator with humorous dance moves (see also Kanye's more effeminate version of the I-just-made-a-hit dance), Cassie confidant Ryan Leslie is one of my favorite producers, if for no other reason than, from a musical standpoint, he constantly manages to do so much with so little. Naturally, "Bottom Girl," a cheeky, if appealing remake of Mr. Leslie's amorous song, "Diamond Girl," by the similarly resourceful G-Unit, is worth checking out. In fact, 50 Cent's predominant talent, other than conducting classic interviews that are better than his actual albums, is recording witty spin-offs—see early G-Unit material for hilarious takes on everyone from LL Cool J to Talib Kweli—that are, in the words of CL Smooth, "better than the original who first made it." Here is no exception, as 50, Lloyd Banks, and a startlingly tolerable Tony Yayo kick game on the myriad merits of putting one's pimp hand down. Over Leslie's fuzzed-out frozen Red Bull synths and stuttering snares, Yayo spits, "I blow her back out, so she love the kid/I jump bail and I lay up at her mama crib/She my bottom bitch/I put her through a lot of shit/From passport fraud to gun case to smacking shit." Though not as chivalrous as Leslie's OG version, "Bottom Girl" is, nonetheless, more fun. After all, who needs chivalry when autonomy can apparently provide such benefits?