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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weekend Update

HOLY SHIT MICK BOOGIE: How come no one bothered to tell us the Cassie record that’s been out, like, forever is so damn HAWT? While the lead single "Me & You" was our entire shit during the summer of ’06, we were totally in the dark about the record’s ‘80s-inspired wall-to-wall goodness (courtesy of super producer Ryan Leslie).

When her follow-up joint drops later this year, we will surely be in line to cop. EARLY.

Speaking of crackheads, DMX must pay a Baltimore woman $1.5 million in penal damages.

The woman, Monica Wayne, sued DMX, who claimed in an article that Wayne raped him during a 2003 stay at a Baltimore hotel room.

Needless to say, the Darkman X failed to appear before the judge.

Hmm. Lady-instigated rape? Is that’s what’s hot in the streets?

The British electronica outfit Goldfrapp is set to digitally release its new single “A & E” February 3.

The song will later be available in stores February 11.

Elsewhere, Panic At the Disco! announces that they have excised the Exclamation point (!) due to irritated fans.

Is anybody else amazed at the fact that Panic At the Disco fans actually know what an exclamation point is?

In closing, can someone hook us up with those leaked episodes of "The Wire"? We are so jonesing.

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