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Friday, January 11, 2008

Keep Keep Bouncing

I have never worn these sneakers and I have no desire to wear them—EVAR
Don’t get me wrong: She would still get the woodbird and all. But for the most part I don’t deal with those mini-me broads too tough. (“You only 4'11'" ma? Say word? Like, where’s the rest of you?”) How you gonna be a big strong nigga out in these streets and condone that famz? That’s like saying “Separate Together” is your favorite Tribe record. Isn’t that joint like only three minutes long?

Word to me: I need a five-minute "Midnight"-type jawn…

Took me to his crib where I ran my jibs about mind upliftment and being positive
Yeah, let me go handle that now.
Yes this is cryptic, I know.