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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Doin' Dumb Shit

Drunken emails rule:
Subject: Re: NWS
From: Will Dukes
Date: 1/17/08 1:43 AM
To: Mr. Jawnsun

Yo, you know this nigga Cassidy made the most ignorant song EVAR?

I was listening to Don and Von's Lessondary Radio jawn and they played it. That shit got, like, fifty-'leven gunshot sounds on it. LOL. Von was like, "Nigga, you need life insurance just to listen to this shit!"


That nigga Cassidy type-weak, yo. Nigga got a nasty little rascal-y-ass voice. Nigga rap like he got a venereal disease*.
*"Pause" not needed on the whole Dice Raw-venereal thing; it's an inside joke.