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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Lustre Has Since Diminished…

Rap's Fab Two: OutKast
OutKast: "Mighty O" [from the forthcoming Idlewild Original
Motion Picture Soundtrack]
LaFace, 2006

Yeah, we're some fiends alright. Trudging our way through message boards, music blogs, and various P2P sites—a veritable network of scroungers collectively getting our Tyrone Biggums on. All it took was one tipoff, one mere mention of a brand new song from rap's Fab Two, whose latest single—marking what could very well be their last outing together—is worth all the worry.

Here's how you assign value: leak, to Atlanta radio, a new banger (by a legendary duo who are definitely, probably, maybe getting back together) featuring rapping (!) from the greatest living MC (dirt off ya shoulders, Jigga!), who, these days, seems willing to do almost anything but rap. Naturally, we're gonna go apeshit hearing Andre wax poetic over an animated track, whose hook (an homage to Cab Calloway's "Minnie the Moocher") is ‘Kast's best look since "Rosa Parks." Big Boi sounds good, too. Here he spits quasi-political lyrics, sounding like he's totally buying the "we're-not- breaking-up" bit. Good for him. Best of all though? They still sound hungry. Dear Abbey Road, this is how you bow out gracefully.