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Sunday, July 16, 2006

…Jungle Bunnies, Those Wanting Money

Mr. Bunny

Full disclosure: "Chicken Noodle Soup" gives me odd and constant pleasure.

Sodas give colds and soups usually cure them—niggas ain't never got two things that match.

I'll probably be "covering" it, so I won't go into detail, but I think I should speak on Game Theory:

Dear Hova,

You're currently running hip-hop's premier label, yes? Why can't you get the Roots to come up with good hooks? I mean, they're pretty self-contained and all so I know it might seem futile to throw in a couple suggestions here and there, but damn. This record is supposed to work in today's climate? Don't get me wrong, from a musical standpoint, it rocks—which is say, it's bleak and expansive, featuring what is probably ?uest's best production to date. But some of these hooks are just downright cringeworthy. Take "In the Music" for example. What was going on there? Bleek in fact has had better hooks than that. Actually, for the next Roots record, why not commission Bleek, who could us a good raise, to serve as a sort of hook consigliere? Just tell him to head on down to the studio when he's done with the vacuuming. Just a thought.

Thanks in advance!


A word on Black Thought: You either get that he’s a lyrical maniac or you don’t. I have my issues with his sing-song-y, post-Illadelph output but for all intents and purposes, he’s a master.

I’m aware that there’s a whole cadre of hyphy/Rick Ross/Jeezy-lauding critics who think that Black Thought is “boring.” (Some might call these people hipsters.) I too would totally agree if I just started listening to rap, like, eight years ago. I mean, Rakim was also subtle and in the pocket, but back in those days we actually listened to rap ‘cause—wonder of wonders!—we liked rapping. (This isn’t to say that Thought is on par with The God; it’s just that they both share a similar quiet charisma.) Whereas it seems that a lot of said critics seem to listen to rap out of irony or for something they're always referring to as “swagger.” Well, Black Thought does have swagger; he’s just not cooning it up*.

Suck on that for a minute; see if maybe it tastes right.

I could be wrong but I don't think Game Theory sucks.

*More talk on hipsters, cooning, and "swagger" when I have more time.