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Friday, July 28, 2006


What you're saying I don't consider it as rapping/'Cause you're on rewind and I'm the new "what's happening"/It never fails, I'll always get respect/And you lose, so take a rain check

Hell no, 'cause you know that I'm first and you're second/If it wasn't for me you'd probably be pregnant/And barefoot, complaining that your back is aching/Shaking and faking while I'm bringing home the bacon

Well, you're mistaken/It's not going that far/I make brothers like you play the back yard/You used to flow with the title but I took it/Bring home the bacon but find another hoe to cook it

Damn it look it/'Cause you're talking a lot of bull

Well I'm not your puppet, so don't even try to pull

This is a man's world, thank you very much

But it wouldn't be a damn thing without a woman's touch